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Front Row Media, Inc. is a closely held corporation and is the parent company of Exclusive Sales and Rentals and Front Row Productions in Los Angeles, California.

Founded in 2003, Front Row is an industry leading integrated marketing, media, brand and rights management company. Front Row Media, Inc. is the agent of record for some of the world’s top brands in their respective market categories including Sub Zero Wolf Appliances, Zippo, Zippo Outdoor, Case and Razor USA LLC.

Our services include brand advisory, licensor representation as well as developing brand content integration strategies and opportunities on behalf of our clients. We work with all the major entertainment studios, broadcast and cable networks as well as independent producers.

For more information about how Front Row Media can supplement and enhance your media, advertising and public relations efforts or if you are looking for an agency to represent your property, please contact us!




Allow Front Row to develop, implement and support your company’s marketing outreach and objectives in any one or all of these areas.



Product Placement & Integration

Product placement and Brand Integration may be utilized as an alternative and/or supplemental strategy to traditional methods of advertising. It is an effective and well established method of developing brand recognition, awareness and affinity. Product placement seamlessly integrates the product, brand or service into a realistic context within the content itself.
With the advent of new technologies, continued fragmentation of the television audience and changing viewing habits of the public in general, the advertising community has favored the development of communication within a program as well as around it. The product or brand is visible in the context of the show in a natural and credible manner. A portrayal of the product or brand in a feature film, television show, video game or webisode and the implied endorsement of the product do impact the consumer's desire to buy and use the product, brand or service.

FRONT ROW’S promotional activities on behalf of its clients include actively seeking out opportunities in film and television properties as well as video games, and made for the internet and mobile content. We also help to develop creative, storyline integrations and concepts intended to achieve maximum on-screen/promotional exposures as well as originate our own ‘branded productions’



Promotion & Sponsorships

Front Row Media creates and executes unique promotional campaigns to generate positive brand exposure for our clients.  Our collaborative efforts with partners directly result in increased consumer attention, brand recognition and product affinity. These creatively integrated promotions form a closer connection between brand, film, and audiences.



Event Marketing

Participating in and/or sponsoring an Event is a key decision in any brand marketing campaign and is particularly effective when the Event is related or ancillary to an entrainment property. At Front Row we carefully prescreen and select appropriate events for our clients to conduct product seeding, sampling and promotion.

If a client decides to participate in an event, we work to ensure our client’s interests are protected and objectives met. We may, if requested, facilitate and activate our client’s involvement at any number of entertainment events such as premières, award ceremonies, parties, festivals and functions.




Utilizing the services of a celebrity or sports figure for an endorsement, commercial, or spokesperson is often one of the most effective approaches for a brand or product to establish or strengthen its awareness to its customers but it does not come without peril, risk, or, at times, significant expense.

At Front Row we work with our clients to identify and select brand appropriate celebrities, athletes, artists and personalities as endorsers and brand partners. Because we often have direct access to a particular individual, we can offer our clients a quick response and better terms and conditions as well as creative "out of the box" programs that result in more effective celebrity marketing results.



Social & Digital Media Outreach

At Front Row Media we utilize social media, including websites such as Facebook and Twitter, to increase interactive communications between our clients, their brands and products, and their consumers. We use social media to promote our various client initiatives and to create a community of fans, consumers or followers not only to keep in close contact with our clients’ current ‘fans’, but also to spread awareness to generate new supporters of their products. Front Row’s digital strategies generate online buzz essential to spreading brand awareness, which in turn produces authentic testimonials of our clients’ products.


Media Planning & Buying

Planning is critical to the implementation and success of any integrated marketing campaign. Front Row Media can supplement and enhance its activities by leveraging our client’s media budget to coincide with the product placement and/or integration into the entertainment content. Studies have shown that recall is significantly improved utilizing this strategy; moreover messaging can be tailored and customized allowing for even more impact.

At least once a year Front Row meets with our clients in person and we jointly develop an annual media and marketing plan and quarterly budget specific to each client. Our media buying and planning services allows Front Row to exponentially increase the return on investment for our clients in both their media and marketing budgets.


Media Clearance & Licensing

Clearance and Licensing agency services are an important part of what we do. At Front Row we field, qualify and evaluate the myriad of “opportunities”, pitches and solicitations each of our client’s receive on a weekly basis. We carefully screen, select and clear opportunities on behalf of our clients that are appropriate for the brand and/or are unique or merit involvement. Many times, just saying “no” is part of our job as well.



Front Row Productions (FRP) is an independent commercial, film and television production company wholly owned and operated by Front Row Media, Inc.

We are always looking for new ideas and entertaining stories to tell, however we do not accept unsolicited material unless it is submitted with our standard submission release form or is from a licensed talent agency.* If you have a script, treatment or other material that you would like us to consider for development and production, please click on the link provided below then print out and complete the submissions release form and send it back to us. Our contact information can be found on this webpage under the contact page. Please retain a copy of the completed submissions release form for your records.

Please note we receive hundreds of requests each year and are not able to return your materials to you. If you send a self addressed stamped envelope along with your submission request, we will acknowledge receipt of your submission. Once we have reviewed the material submitted we will notify you if we have any interest in your story.

Should you have any questions about our submission policies or procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us at (310) 978-4150.


* If you are an advertiser or advertising agency seeking production services, please contact FRP directly at (310) 978-4150.



We provide professional ‘turn –key’ commercial and TV development and production services. Please contact us to handle all of your commercial and TV needs.



We produce video marketing and mobile advertising campaigns for top brands that reach the target audience and beyond. We develop engaging entertainment with quality production values while organically integrating products and advertising messages into the content to deliver the desired buzz and brand awareness that ultimately drive purchase decisions.



Front Row has professional producers with years of experience at all budget levels. For feature length development and production projects please contact us and see our submission policy information above.


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El Segundo, California, 90245

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